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User Experience

New Metro Interface..

Love it or hate it, the new Metro Interface repalces the standard desktop.  Designed for Touch, it has been altered for mouse and keyboard also....

Certainly it should work well for touch devices, with all sorts of swipe gestures - but mice don't swipe too well

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BehindThe scenes

Ignoring the gloss, is it faster?

Aprium labs have not yet had a chance to do proper speed comparisons, but the initial feel IS faster.  It remains to be sseen how systems perform when they have been running for a while though

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Or are they a bit more than just niggles?

Lurking behind those easy to click tiles, lies a world of code.  Sometimes, not quite enough though.  Take the music app, without a volume control.  Or the Map that thinks you live 50 miles away...

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Key Features

  • All devices one look
  • Sync docs to phone
  • Touch screen optimised
  • App store content
  • Cloud based content

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Ready to upgrade?

Our advice - don't rush this one.

Older PC's such as XP or Vista computers are less likely to be suitable for Windows 8.  Lets face it, they're worn out now and pushing a new OS on them isn't going to help.  ANd if its Windows 7 already, do you really want, or need, to upgrade yet?

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