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Gone is the traditional desktop, with its start menu. In are 'Tiles' colourful blocks which can display active content - news headlines for example.  Very handy if you want to idly switch between looking at the stock market, reading your email, listening to music or playing a game....but what if you want to do some work?

Well most of the traditional desktop is still there, minus the start button.  So once you have somehow managed to get your needed applications as shortcuts on the traditional desktop, you're off and running.  The Windows key instantly returns you to the Metro interface whenever you need it.  WHich as some thigns can seemingly only be access from there, might be quite often.

Time will tell how effective this becomes inuse, once all the quick keys, and if you have touch Gestures, are learned.  To start with, getting everything you might need on the traditional desktop may well be your priority

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