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As I write this on a release-code version of Windows 8, several weeks before the official release date, it is possible that some issues may be fixed by means of windows update at launch date (25th october 2012), however the fact it has been released to manufacturing with these issues unresolved might be cause for concern. 

By the same token, having only had a couple of days to look at it so far, there may be a whole host of other problems waiting to be discovered!

And much as I may sound negative here, there is stuff to like - once it is sorted properly!. Either way, consider these points and make your own judgements:-

Maps: Bing maps are not surprisingly the default. To be fair, the problem seems to stem from deeper in the system, however it thinks I am 50+ miles away, and I can't change that. As I don't have a GPS on my desktop computer, I believe it has used my ISP as the location - it wouldn't matter if I could override it with my correct location, and hopefully if I had a phone or tablet it would actuially know where i was. The only option is to turn off location services. No longer can I view local train services, cinema listings, and the map now centres in the middle of England, but at least I am not presented with a lot of meaningless information only relevant to someone browsing from the seaside. Sooner or later they must introduce an option to set your location (currently England is as close as I can get) and then this issue will go away.

Music and Photo Applets: Now being a loyal Microsoft customer, I have a Windows Home Server storing all my music and photos. I can browse this from any PC, plus my iPad and iPhone. What I cannot do however, is get the photos to display on my Windows 8 PC via Microsoft's Photos applet. It seems it doesn't support network storage. As the old 'libraries' function (acessible if you know where to look), does still support network storage you can still get to your photos; again, it seems a hasty implementation of the new app is the reason. Music - different scenario here; that applet can acess my network share happily enough, however they seem to have missed off the volume control. On a tablet with volume buttons on the side, no biggy...

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